It is said that in Malta it is relatively easy to find suitable accommodation. Whether you like it quiet or prefer to be surrounded by many people, a suitable student accommodation can always be found. As of now I have found that Malta has the following options available for students as of Hostels:

If some one is visiting with you, it is said that you can easily find a place in a hotel, hostel or holiday home without major problems. As of now I am also searching for a possible place to stay in Malta during my Erasmus Semester in Malta. There are multiple sites where you can find flatshares in Malta, many times you could contact people via social media like facebook




Be wary of those adverts with no telephone numbers or where the only email address is a free one Hotmail or Google - where you're not sure who you're dealing with.

• Don't pay for services or goods via money transfer agents such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

• Check the owner is on an Approved accommodation list, usually operated by the college authorities or the local students' union.

• Make sure you visit the property with the landlord.

• Don't send money upfront without being certain the property exists or that the person has control of the property.

• Use a credit card for payments over the internet - this can provide insurance against fraud.

• Google the name of the website or agency you plan to use plus the word 'scam' or 'fraud' to check its legitimacy.