Appartment Tips in Malta

Apartments in Malta !!!

The real estate business on the Mediterranean island of Malta, is booming. Everyone who follows the market, was able to witness a steady increase in property prices in recent years. Many hotels (hostels, small hotels) have been converted from the hotel business in the real estate business, because the profit margins are much higher. Despite the enormous new buildings seems to be no end in sight. Especially in the holiday season, during the summer months, it is extremely difficult to find accommodation. Best times for real estate search are the months from October to April or May

An apartment is often inhabited only for a few months or a year from the same tenant. Real long term rentals (more than 2 to 3 years), there are very rare in Malta. As ERASMUS Exchange students there can be various possibilities to fins an apparment may be flat share or dorms. There is a wide possibility but this post is a compilation of tips and facts about the Appartments in Malta which you shoult be aware of. 

The rent for property in Malta, despite the real estate boom still very modest (compared to Germany, Switzerland or Austria). The price depends on each of the location, views, age, amenities, size and extras. The apartments are furnished in most cases. Water and electricity is almost always calculated separately.


Be wary of those adverts with no telephone numbers or where the only email address is a free one Hotmail or Google - where you're not sure who you're dealing with.

• Don't pay for services or goods via money transfer agents such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

• Check the owner is on an Approved accommodation list, usually operated by the college authorities or the local students' union.

• Make sure you visit the property with the landlord.

• Don't send money upfront without being certain the property exists or that the person has control of the property.

• Use a credit card for payments over the internet - this can provide insurance against fraud.

• Google the name of the website or agency you plan to use plus the word 'scam' or 'fraud' to check its legitimacy.

Costs for the mediation

For arranging an apartment through a real estate agent ask a brokerage fee of half a month's rent , excluding taxes, relating to the flat / apartment.

Apartment search without broker

The apartment search without broker is often very Ineffective and time consuming.Malta has got very few websites who show all the posting in a single place. You may use social media like facebook to find direct landlords. At the end of the path leads into a home but through a broker, the additional detour costs money, time and effort.

Looking for a Home

In the low season are very many empty apartments, the prices are slightly cheaper for this time! In high season (June to September) can be calculated as in winter for the same apartment twice..

Depending on the broker and the price range to search for an apartment is different. The more comfortable, the less choice you have as a rule.

Get the apartment search time and ask if you prefer you can still view other apartments to find a good comparison.You should check at least 3 apartments before making your decision.

For the price, you can try to negotiate something.

The deposit is half month's rent and must always be Paid in advance. Do not forget to read the meters for water and Electricity and to note in the contract.

A television is usually always present, but should Not be located in the apartment, so you can ask the landlord for one. 

Maltese property in the overview from research before going

 Problems with the apartment

Any damage in the apartment is taken by the Landlord usually. Unless you yourself have caused the damage.

Pets in the home

In Malta there is a law that pets are not allowed in the apartment. This Act applies only to housing (apartments). For smaller animals, the landlord usually says nothing. Larger animals, such as dogs, however, are a problem. But no unsolvable. There are landlords that allow pets in the home.

Maltese homes in winter

The Maltese households have no central heating. Since it may be a little cooler in the winter in Malta, you should see if the apartments have a Electric or gas heater (Cost of a heating device is about 60 - 120 euro in Malta).In the winter months, when it rains a lot, In many homes in the lower price ranges, it is not unusual that in heavy rain water runs into the apartment.

Maltese house in the summer

The summer months are very hot in Malta. Many apartments, but not all, have air conditioning. If these are not available, should be at least one fan (Cost is about 35 - 70 Euros) may be present.


Usually cooking is done on with gas. Electricity prices in Malta are very high compared to gas. A gas cylinder costs about 5 euros and is sufficient for average use for 2 months.

In addition, most kitchens have an electric stove. Homes in the higher price ranges have a microwave. Dishwashers are rarely available.


The bathroom has a radiator. In general, this is powered by electricity, but also gas is common. The bathtubs are smaller than in Austria or Germany. During the hot summer months, the Maltese turn off the heater. Each radiator has an on / off - button.

Water tank

The water tank is located on the roof. It is a simple container (such as a bucket, but much larger). Some apartments are located high on the water tank, equipped with an electronic pump to increase the water pressure. This can be switched on or off by a switch at any time.

Maltese design

In Malta, there are a lot of old as well as new homes. Most houses are created very nested. You are not square, but very elongated in the Controls. The roofs are flat and are used as terraces or as storage space. The top floor, also known as the penthouse features, usually with a large terrace and an open glass wall.


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