The "University Residence" are accommodation for students from all over the world and provides the ideal setting for those who want to study 1-2 semesters in an international environment in Malta. It is the most booked accommodation of foreign Students and is in the summer months provide special rooms for students who graduate. Before the system was specifically designed to meet the needs of international students, it was originally a hotel. In addition to a pool, tennis and basketball courts, there is also a small trail that can appear as a small holiday paradise setting. But also for studying existing premises, so that every time there is a possibility to rest and learn. Each semester about 200 students live in the residence, giving it a lot of cultural diversity through a unique international character. Many Erasmus Exchange students stay in  the University accommodation 



The residence is located in Lija, a small, quiet neighborhood near the university, very centrally located in Malta. By foot it takes only 15 minutes to the supermarket.  A bus stops right at the facility and is handy if you want to visit places in Malta, there are also many options you get next to the main bus station to Valletta just before the supermarket the next bus stop from. The transportation to university is constant, there is a free shuttle service to the residence, which enables round trip with no problems.


The residence is designed specifically for students who are studying in Malta and with the house staff and good facilities provides excellent services.

To wash the clothes there are Washing Machines and drying racks, where you often have to catch the  In the entrance hall is the reception. The relation between the students and the staff is very friendly and makes the stay in Malta quiet pleasant. Under the lobby is the "Study Room" where you can study in peace and at the reception there are computers with internet. Apart from this, the residence is covered by a wireless LAN network, so that every student has the Internet connection in his room.right moment to storeage.

 The rooms are cleaned on a regular basis like a hotel and the towels and bedding are replaced by the house staff. The rest of the apartment is kept clean and the bins are emptied daily. There is a kitchen for the students.

For security, each visitor has to register at the front desk and leave the residence at a certain time. At night there are additional security personnel who manned the entrance hall until the morning, and they only open the doors for the students.

The connection to the University is guaranteed by a free shuttle service, which, very conveniently designed student life while studying in Malta and regularly departs at certain times.


Depending on your budget and claim you have the possibility to book different variant of rooms.There are basically 2 types of spaces for students, the "Standard Student Room" and the "Postgraduate Student Room" that you can either live alone or in pairs.

In "Standard Student Room" you can sleep in a bunk bed, two desks and has 2 closets. Since not all rooms have the same spatial form, there are additional minor differences from time to time. The toilets and showers are in the corridor, of which there are several in a standard room apartment, there are 7 standard rooms throughout the apartment.

The "Postgraduate Student Room" has 2 foldaway beds that can disappear easily, so during the day to create more space. 1-2 In addition to desks and two wardrobes, is the bathroom, with toilet and shower, right in their own room. Also some optional extras such as electric heaters for the winter or a desk lamp, there is something in this more expensive room. A "Postgraduate Student Room" - Apartment has a total of only 3 rooms.

Apart from the usual accommodations, there are also "superior apartments" for short stays, for example, parents of students. However, these rooms are a bit more expensive. You have a small living 
area with TV, sofa and kitchenette. A microwave is also part of the supplementary equipment. In the bedroom (with air conditioning) is a large bed with 2 mattresses for 2 persons and an extra bathroom with a bath are also available.

In a separate building, the "Farm House" can also be accommodated visitors. There is in each apartment one bedroom for 2 persons, bathroom and kitchen / living area.The construction of the "Farm House" is like a small castle. The outer walls enclose a small courtyard, which gives the accommodation special flair. There is a private pool, which is available to residents.Likewise intended for short stays, are the "Deluxe Apartments". A fully equipped kitchen, living area with TV and a bedroom with double bed natrürlich are fully air-conditioned and there is also a bathroom.

farm house

Then there's the "Chalet", also a separate building with its own pool, which is fully equipped with air conditioning. It is like an apartment with living room (including TV), kitchen and 2 bedrooms for 2 persons, each with a bathroom eigenenes. The number of beds in both rooms can be extended to a bed, so that up to 6 people can be accommodated for a short stay in the chalet.